Arnab Bhowmik

  • Postdoctoral Scholar
Arnab Bhowmik
248 Agricultural Sciences & Industries Building
University Park, PA 16802
Work Phone: 814-865-3725

Areas of Expertise

  • Soil Microbiology and Biogeochemistry
  • Carbon and Nitrogen cycling in agroecosystems
  • Soil health and Sustainable agriculture


  1. PhD, Soil Science, North Dakota State University, USA, 2016
  2. MS, Soil Science, Punjab Agricultural University, India, 2012
  3. BS, Agriculture (Major: Soil Science), BCKV, India, 2010


My research includes studying mechanisms that govern soil organic matter dynamics and the biological networks that provide ecosystem services in sustainable agricultural systems. Specifically, it comprises of interpreting soil microbial and biogeochemical processes that regulate nutrient cycling (mainly carbon and nitrogen), soil health, best management practices and global climate change in perennial and annual agroecosystems using molecular tools that include qPCR and reverse transcriptase (RT)-PCR, microbial community analysis (high-throughput amplicon sequencing, bioinformatics)  and stable isotope analysis. Currently I am working as a postdoctoral scholar in Bruns Soil Microbial Ecology Lab in the USDA-NIFA funded project on "Nitrite Ammonification in manures and soils under adaptive Management for Climate change". This project gives an unique opportunity to study the microbial N metabolisms pathways (nitrification, denitrification, nitrite ammonification) in manure and soil and assess the sources of nitrous oxide insitu using isotopomer analysis. The goal is to counteract the loss of N from soil health promoting management practices by increasing the retention time of N in soil thus providing environmental benefits and ecosystem services.

Peer-reviewed articles 

Bhowmik, A., Cloutier, M., Ball, E., Bruns, M.A. 2017. Underexplored microbial metabolisms for enhanced nutrient cycling in agricultural soils. AIMS Microbiology. 3:826-845 

Singh, V., Singh, B., Singh, Y., Thind, H.S., Buttar, G.S., Kaur, S., Singh, M., Kaur, S., Bhowmik, A. 2017. Site-specific fertilizer nitrogen management for timely sown irrigated wheat (Triticum aestivum L. and Triticum turgidum L. ssp. durum) genotypes. Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems. 109:1-16 doi:10.1007/s10705-017-9860-z
Bhowmik, A., Fortuna, A.M., Cihacek, L., Rahman, S., Borhan, M.S. and Carr, P. 2017. Use of Laboratory Incubation Techniques to Estimate Green House Gas footprints from Conventional and No-Tillage Organic Agroecosystems. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 112:204-215
Sharma L., Bali, S., Dwyer, J., Plant, A., and Bhowmik, A. 2017. A Case Study of Improving Yield Prediction and Sulfur Deficiency Detection Using Optical Sensors and Relationship of Historical Potato Yield with Weather Data in Maine. Sensors. 17:1-23 
Bhowmik, A., Fortuna, A.M., Cihacek, L., Bary, A., Carr, P., and Cogger, C.G. 2017. Potential Carbon Sequestration and Nitrogen Cycling in Long-Term Organic Management Systems. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems doi:10.1017/S1742170516000429 
Bhowmik, A., Fortuna, A.M., Cihacek, L., Bary, A., and Cogger, C.G. 2016. Use of Biological Indicators of Soil Health to Estimate Reactive Nitrogen Dynamics in Long-Term Organic Vegetable and Pasture Systems. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 103:308-319.

Kukal, S. S., Saha, D., Bhowmik, A., and Dubey, R.K.  2012. Water retention characteristics of soil bio-amendments used as growing media in pot culture. Journal of Applied Horticulture. 14: 92-97

Book chapter

Fortuna, A.M., Bhowmik, A., Bary, A., and Cogger, C.G. Chapter 19: Bio-indicators to measure soil health. (Ed. Don Reicosky) In: Managing soil health for sustainable agriculture (Volume 2). Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK (Invited book chapter In Press)

Selected awards  

  • Nominated for Truog Soil Science Outstanding Dissertation award, SSSA 2017 
  • Distinguished Graduate Student Award in Agriculture, Gamma Sigma Delta, 2016.
  • Graduate student poster prize (3rd place) Soil Biology and Biochemistry division, SSSA, 2015
  • Clarence and Cora Engberg Scholarship Award for deserving graduate student, NDSU, 2014-2015
  • Graduate Student Leadership Conference Award, SSSA, 2015
  • Graduate student poster prize (3rd place) Soil Biology and Biochemistry division, SSSA, 2014.
  • Roy A. Erickson Scholarship Award in recognition of academic achievement and professional involvement, NDSU, 2013-2014
  • N. S. Randhawa Gold Medal for Best Masters Student in Soil Science Dpt., Punjab Agricultural University, India, 2012
  • All India Junior Research Fellowship (merit), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR, Govt. of India), 2010
  • University Merit Scholarship throughout the undergraduate program BS (Agriculture), Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, India, 2006-2010.