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Nebraska Forest Service – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Marienville, PA

Pennsylvanians across the state took to the woods on October 1, 2017

Autumn is a great time to identify and manage invasive plants in your woodland.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Inc. recently released the 2017 Progress Report titled "Forests. A Way of Life." I would encourage you to take some time and look through it, if you have the chance

This is my final message to you as PFA President. It’s been a very fast paced two-year President’s term with lots of positive forward movement for our association.

Why should you join the PA Tree Farm program as a Certified Tree Farmer?

On a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in September, the Pennsylvania Forest Stewards (PAFS) Class of 2017 took to the woods to learn — by doing — about sustainable timber harvesting.

Throughout the month we receive notice of interesting and relevant research and items. These items come from partner organizations. We'll use this space to share these items with you.

Altoona & Bedford, PA

The forest is one big nursery. Let’s look at those most often found in the maternity ward.