Know Your Legacy Planning Resources

There are many resources available that you can share with a fellow landowner, client, or landowner group.

Some of the resources were developed through the “Love Your Land? Make a Plan” program while others were created by other individuals or organizations. Be aware of these resources and have them on hand to share.

Many of the resources below are available electronically. For these resources, we have provided the URL for your convenience. To obtain copies of printed Media or Handouts, such as the Forest Story Cards and Brochures, please contact the Legacy Planning Team. Contact information is provided at the end of this document.


  • PowerPoint Presentations - Presentation introducing legacy planning and outlining the 10 steps to developing a legacy plan.
  • Legacy planning Case Study Videos - Videos interviews of landowners in which they tell their legacy planning stories.
  • Forest Story Cards - A series of photographs (individual cards) related to forestry that may be used to foster conversations about landowner values.
  • “Love Your Land? Make a Plan” Legacy Planning Websites - Legacy Planning website that includes planning resources, landowner case study video, landowner forum/discussions, and PowerPoint presentations. (NY) or (PA)


  • “Love Your Land? Make a Plan” Brochures o Brochure contains a brief description of legacy planning with landowner case studies and “10 Steps” you can take to get your plan started.
  • Forestry Talking Points - Document provides NY- and PA-specific facts and figures about forests and landowners within the state and includes contact information for general forestry management information.
  • Marketing Cards - Cards, the size of business cards, containing our (NY) and (PA) web addresses.


  • Succession and Estate Planning - The University of Florida Extension site explains current inheritance tax law and how it affects nonindustrial private landowners. It also includes links to other sources of information and supporting documents.
  • Ties to the Land - Oregon State University’s legacy planning site
  • Conservation Easements - Land Trust Alliance site providing a succinct description of approaches for conserving land and other considerations
  • Estate Planning Options for Family Forests - USDA Forest Service site containing planning resources, including suggestions for planning family meetings, planning options, creating an estate plan, tax and estate planning, action steps in legacy planning
  • National Conservation Easement Database - Updated map of conservation easements by state and easement holder


These publications represent third-party documents that provide good information about legacy planning, planning options, communicating with family, and other topics. These resources are not available through the Cornell and Penn State Legacy Planning Team.


These individuals can be invaluable resources for developing a legacy plan that meets your needs. When seeking help from professionals, make sure they are qualified and have experience with forest landowners. To find individuals in your area, try keyword searches using your favorite Internet search engine. Also consider searching using keywords “legacy planning,” succession planning,” and “estate planning.” Some of these individuals can be found by using the Google Map on the website.

  • Local estate planning attorneys
  • Local CPAs or tax attorneys
  • Cooperative Extension staff
  • Local landowner groups
  • Certified Forester - The Finding a Forester page includes an overview of the types of foresters and the services they provide along with information on how to choose a forester.


Contact Information

To obtain copies of printed Media or Handouts, such as the Forest Story Cards and Brochures, please contact the Legacy Planning Team. Depending on where you live, you may choose to contact the Cornell Extension office (NY residents) or the Penn State Extension office (PA residents).

Penn State Extension
Phone: 800-235-9473

Cornell Cooperative Extension
Phone: 607-255-2115

Contact Information

Allyson Brownlee Muth, Ed.D.
  • Forest Stewardship Program Associate
Phone: 814-865-3208