Small-Scale Structural Complexity

Eric Zenner, Jeri Peck, Peter Brang, Andreas Zingg, Erkki Lähde, Olavi Laiho

What characteristics can be used to predict changes in small-scale structural complexity in managed stands? These projects used long-term monitoring data from southern Finland and Switzerland to explore which structures best explained the SCI in stands managed to create and sustain even- and uneven-size structures.


Peck, J.E., E.K. Zenner, P. Brang, and A. Zingg.  2014.  Tree size distribution and abundance explain structural complexity differentially within stands of even- and uneven-aged structure types.  European Journal of Forest Research, 133:335-346.

Zenner, E.K., J.E. Peck, E. Lähde, and O. Laiho.  2012.  Decomposing small-scale structural complexity in even- and uneven-sized Norway spruce dominated forests in southern Finland.  Forestry, 85(1):41-49.