Ground Flora, Regen, and Soil Properties

Jeremy Fauskee, Alaina Berger, John Kabrick, Eric Zenner, Jeri Peck, Jennifer Grabner, Klaus Puettmann, Ezzati Satar, M. Jourgholami

What are the immediate impacts of timber harvesting activities on the ground and its flora?  One project in the long-term Missouri Ozarks Forest Ecosystem Project (MOFEP) found short-term changes in the ground flora after the first wave of harvest entries.  How fast does heavy equipment compact the soil and does it matter?  Another project correlated re-vegetation following harvest with the number of times equipment was driven over a given spot (recorded using GPS).  Yet others have explored the effects of harvesting traffic in the Carpathian Mountains.  Sure enough, it doesn't take too many passes to compact the soil.  Suckering species like aspen don't seem to mind, but herbs sure do.


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