Maurice K. Goddard Chair

The Maurice K. Goddard Chair in Forestry and Environmental Resource Conservation is a Pennsylvania State University Chair administratively based in the College of Agricultural Sciences and housed in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management.

The Maurice K. Goddard Chair will be funded primarily by The Pennsylvania State University from income derived from endowment earnings of the Chair. In addition, the University will provide support to cover such items as equipment maintenance, travel, communications, publications, supplies and other general support. The University will also fund the initial furnishings for an office and associated facilities for the Chair occupant and his or her support staff.

The Goddard Chair position focuses on nine goals broadly related to outreach related to natural resource conservation, policy development and professional development, student engagement and achievement, and ensuring a legacy of resource sustainability.

Establishment of the Maurice K. Goddard Chair at Penn State attests to the University's commitment and dedication to the conservation, allocation and protection of natural resources.

The Chair occupant will contribute to public service, teaching and research or other scholarly activity. Exceptional accomplishments and extraordinary ability to exert leadership and inspire commitment will be sought in the prospective occupant of the Chair.

The occupant of the Goddard Chair will have a substantial background in one or more of the natural sciences, including, but not limited to agriculture, biology, forestry, wildlife, fisheries, and soil science. In addition, the occupant should have advanced degrees and/or experience in economics, public administration and/or resource allocation.