The Goddard Chair position focuses on nine goals broadly related to outreach related to natural resource conservation, policy development and professional development, student engagement and achievement, and ensuring a legacy of resource sustainability.
  • Strengthen visibility within the University community and in the Commonwealth and nation for effective resource conservation and utilization.
  • Enhance the University's substantial strength in fields related to conservation and resource utilization, stimulating recruitment and retention of highly qualified scholars in these fields.
  • Add stature and support to the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management’s efforts to provide outstanding educational programs.
  • Enhance the quality of instruction to students, undergraduate and graduate, in courses relating to the administrative management of natural resources.
  • Be a resource to students, in addition to their regular faculty mentors, for curriculum and career counseling to facilitate the transition from the academic environment to the world of work.
  • Provide essential consultation to agencies of local, state and federal governments, to businesses and industry, to other academic institutions and to the public, represented by organizations and individuals.
  • Emphasize a balanced approach to achieving environmental quality while maintaining economic stability.
  • Provide inspiration and stimulation to present and future decision makers to develop innovative approaches and solutions to natural resource management problems.
  • Give lasting public recognition to the outstanding contributions of Dr. Goddard and his distinguished service to citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.