It is estimated that approximately one-half of the time and effort of the Chair occupant will be allocated to public service, one-third to teaching and the remainder to research or other scholarly activity. Exceptional accomplishments and extraordinary ability to exert leadership and inspire commitment will be sought in the prospective occupant of the Chair.

Public Service.

The potential impact of the Chair outside the academic community is profound. As an advisor to governmental agencies at the Commonwealth level and potentially the federal level, the Chair will provide valuable guidance for the development of public policy related to resource decisions. Through Continuing Education programs, the influence of the Chair will extend to the public and private sectors to provide greater educational and research opportunities for the solution of environmental problems. In the consultative relationship with government, the Goddard Professor will be a proponent of a balanced approach in dealing with environmental issues.

The holder of the Goddard Chair will relate to decision-making groups of business, industry, local communities and organizations in addition to state and federal legislative bodies. The occupant also will exert leadership in state-wide policy formation to deal with issues affecting natural resources.


A major objective of the Goddard Professor will be to provide advanced instruction for students in administrative management of natural resources, emphasizing a balanced approach to achieving environmental quality while maintaining economic stability. Subject matter taught will include resource policy and administration and natural resource allocation. Instruction will be accompanied by curriculum counseling to prepare students to fulfill the needs of society in the best way possible and to compete effectively in the job market.


It is anticipated that the Chair occupant will contribute to university, state and national-level research needs identification in the natural resources and conservation areas. Such research program planning could encompass policy development, resource administration and management approaches to the various natural resources. In addition, the Goddard Professor will also have individual research projects. A professor of this eminence conceivably will attract non-university grants to fund specific research projects. The Professor also will have the opportunity to participate in the Penn State intercollege research units which have environmental research programs, such as the Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment.