The Program

Establishment of the Maurice K. Goddard Chair at Penn State attests to the University's commitment and dedication to the conservation, allocation and protection of natural resources.

The Chair will be located in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, College of Agricultural Sciences. The impact of the Chair, however, will extend to the entire University and to industrial and community groups and academic institutions throughout the Commonwealth.

The person sought to fill the Chair will have the qualities essential to help policy makers arrive at balanced decisions for natural resource management. The individual must be able to speak with candor to diverse audiences, stimulating thinking and influencing actions toward sound environmental policy.

A major function of the occupant of the Chair will be to stimulate present and future decision makers to reach out with imagination, conscience and eagerness to work for solutions to problems of natural resource management. The solutions may need to be taken in steps and approached with commitment to "go all the way" as rapidly as is feasible. This has consistently been Secretary Goddard's environmental/economic balanced approach.