Alumni Board Election Results

Posted: October 7, 2017

Summer/Fall 2017, Issue No. 101

In spring 2016, William Donley ('78 FORSC) and Stephen Grado ('79 FORSC, '84g FOR R, '92g FOR R) were each elected to a first three-year term, and Derald Hay ('03 FORSC, '07g FOR R) and David Lezzer ('00 FORSC) were each re-elected to a second term. We said farewell and thank you to Nathan Jobe (’00 FORSC) who completed three years of service on the board, to James Snyder ('98 FORSC) who completed six years of service on the board, and to Staci Amburgey who served one year as graduate student representative. We welcomed Warren Reed as the new graduate student representative.

In spring 2017, four new members were elected to a first three-year term:  Robert T. Caccese (’12 WFS), Gene F. Odato (’75 FORSC), Terry P. Harrison (’77 FORSC), and Thomas A. Young (’76 FORSC). We said farewell and thank you to Joe Barnard ('60 FOR, '63g FOR) for three years of service this time around -- he had served on the board years ago -- and to Rachel Reyna ('98g FORSC) and Howard Wurzbacher ('79 FORSC)  who each served six years on the board. Wurzbacher’s service included two years as president and two as immediate past president. Dave Gustafson (’00 FORSC) was elected president of the board, and Samantha Pedder (’11 WFS) was elected vice president. Caccese will serve as alternate CAAS representative if Gustafson is unable to attend a CAAS board meeting.

A board of directors listing is available online