SFR Alumni Employment Statistics

In October 2009 we mailed an employment survey to the Class of 2007-08 comprised of 36 Forest Science (FORSC) alumni, 27 Wildlife and Fisheries (W F S) alumni, and two Wood Products (W P) alumni.  Alumni also had the option to complete the survey online.  We attempted to contact all nonrespondents by phone or e-mail.  Total response rate (questionnaire plus phone/e-mail) for the Class of 2007-08 was 89%.

In total, 91% of the Forest Science graduates from the Class of 2007-08 were using their degrees in professional employment or graduate school a year or so after graduation (based on a 92% response rate). Sixteen percent of the FORSC alumni in the Class of 2007-08 were employed in general resource management.  The number of FORSC alumni in seasonal positions increased since last year:  six FORSC alumni from the Class 2007-08 were in seasonal positions compared with two alumni from the Class of 2006-07. 

Of 12 FORSC alumni in public-sector forestry, two were with the U.S. Forest Service and the others with state agencies, and only two were not in Pennsylvania (one with USFS in Idaho, and one with the Maryland Forest Service).  Of the five FORSC alumni in private-sector forestry, three were in Pennsylvania, one was in Georgia, and the other “traveled all around” on contract work.  The average annual salary for public forest management positions was $27,500—based on seven reported salaries, three of which were seasonal or part-time.  If only full-time permanent salaries are included, the average annual salary was $33,750.

FORSC alumni pursuing additional education accounted for 6% of the Class of 2007-08—down from 27% for the Class of 2006-07, but comparable to the 5% for the Class of 2005-06.

In total, 88% of the Wildlife and Fisheries Science graduates from the Class of 2007-08 were using their degrees in professional pursuits (based on an 85% response rate).  Nearly a third (31%) of W F S alumni were employed in wildlife/fisheries management.  Of the seven wildlife/fisheries jobs reported, three were with federal agencies (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and USDA APHIS) in Pennsylvania and New Jersey; three were with private fisheries enterprises in Maryland, Alaska, and “around the globe”; and one was with Idaho Fish and Game.

The average annual salary for positions in wildlife/fisheries management (based on only one reported salary for a full-time position) was $37,500.  W F S employment in general resource management was 13% of the Class of 2007-08.  The percentage of W F S alumni pursuing additional education was 27%, the second highest percentage in the previous 10 years.  Blue-collar employment for 2007-08 W F S graduates was 8% and unemployment was at 4%.

The two Wood Products (W P) graduates in the Class of 2007-08 chose different paths.  One was in a graduate program and the other opted to work in construction.