. . . and “Welcome Back” to Ellen Manno

Ellen Manno applied for the position vacated by Jamie Murphy and was successful in her bid to return to the job she held once before.  Manno served as coordinator of undergraduate programs from July 1988 through March 1997 when she opted to move to a part-time position.

The School has essentially collapsed the full-time and the part-time positions into one, with some duties being redistributed to others.  For example, Paul Lupo, research support technologist, has assumed responsibility for the “Professional Careers in Forest Resources” course.  Manno will continue her work with the School of Forest Resources Alumni Group, including publishing this RESOURCES newsletter.  The transitional months at the start of this year were quite busy; therefore, you did not see a winter 2010 issue of RESOURCES.

“I am honored and excited to be re-hired in this full-time position.  I look forward to the increased contact with our current students and to maintaining connections with them as alumni,” says Manno.