A Museum Collection of Forestry Equipment

One of our faculty members, Dr. Kim Steiner, has proposed putting together a collection of old and new forestry instruments and equipment to create a permanent display in the glass cases in our foyer.  He has a few items, among them a K&E staff compass used by the father of one of our alums during the 30s, a K&E pocket altimeter that dates to the early years of “Fergie’s Woodshed”, an old K&E tree caliper, and a Pocket Cruiser Stick made by Lufkin and signed by Carl Schenck.

Kim is looking for additional donated items that may be suitable for this display.  Items that are older, obsolete, and maybe in the “antique” category would be particularly desirable, especially if they have a connection with Penn State or a Penn State alumnus. Please contact him at if you have an item that you are willing to donate.  All donations will be fully acknowledged in the display.