Penn State Woodsmen Team

“Experience was a big hurdle for the Penn State Woodsmen Team in fall 2010,” says team adviser Mike Powell, “but their wins are plenty to roar about!”

“The team chalked up two impressive wins in distant locations.  For the second year in a row, the team placed first at the  annual Lumberjackin’ Bluegrassin’ Jamboree at Twin Falls Resort State Park, West Virginia, and then made an impressive stand in Canada.”

The highlight for this fall, as in past years, was the competition at Sir Sandford Fleming College.  This competition is historically run as a team format.  A team is comprised of six individuals who must compete in seven single events (one team member has to compete in two single-person events), three two-person events, and four six-person events all in one day!   Penn State fielded one men’s team (that finished in 11th place) and one Jack & Jill (co-ed) team that finished in 1st place! 

“This impressive and fresh team continues to show its enthusiasm at meets, practices, and above all, in fundraisers,” explains Powell.  “These students have split and hauled enough wood to raise the funds needed to cover their registration and travel to all their fall events as well as the upcoming spring events.”

In spring 2011, the team plans to attend the Syracuse meet on March 26 and another meet to be hosted by West Virginia.