Soils 507

Soil Physics
  • Instructor: Dr. Henry Lin
  • Credits: 3–4
  • Semesters Offered: Spring
  • Texts:
    1. Jury, W. A. and R. Horton. 2004 (6th Edition). Soil Physics. John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
    2. Klute, A. (Editor-in-Chief). 1986. (2nd Edition). Methods of Soil Analysis. Part 1. American Society of Agronomy Monograph #9. (On reserve in library).
  • Prerequisite: 6 credits each of calculus, physics, and soils
  • Syllabus: Link to syllabus.

Course Description

A study of the physical properties of soil with emphasis on water retention and flow and on ion movement in unsaturated soils. Laboratory included with 4 credits.