Soils 401

Soils 401 - Soil Composition and Physical Properties

  • Instructor: Dr. Jack Watson
  • Credits: 3
  • Semesters Offered: Spring
  • Texts:
    1. Radcliffe and Simunek. 2010. Soil Physics with Hydrus. Modeling and Applications. CRC Press.
  • Prerequisite: SOILS 101 

Course Description

This course is concerned with the study of the physical properties of soil. The objectives are: (1) to improve student skills in problem solving; (2) to improve student skills in oral and written communication; and (3) to develop student competence in judging the effect of physical soil properties on crop growth and soil water movement in a given situation using readily available information.

Material is presented on problem solving; structure, strength, tillage, and compaction; water, heat, and oxygen movement through the soil; and on root growth and seedling emergence. Students work and report on a problem of their own choice throughout the semester.