Thierry Chambert

  • Postdoctoral Researcher


  1. Undergraduate Education: Biology, University of Sciences of Montpellier UM2 (2005-2007) and Montpellier SUPAGRO (2007-2009), France
  2. M.S. Ecology & Evolution, University of Sciences of Montpellier UM2, France (2010)
  3. Ph.D. Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Montana State University (2013)

Current Research

My current work consists in providing statistical and analytical support, as well as decision-making expertise, to ongoing population and community monitoring programs of the Amphibian Research Monitoring Initiative (ARMI).
A lot of my research focuses on the development of quantitative methods (e.g., occupancy modeling) aimed at helping resource managers to make informed decisions.

Research Interests

Structured Decision Making, quantitative ecology, population ecology, evolutionary ecology, conservation, ecological statistics, mark-recapture, occupancy


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Online Tutorial

Chambert, T., and D.A.W. Miller. 2015. Implementation of false positive models in program E-SURGE.
Available at: