Seminar Title: "Decoding Nature's Adaptive Secrets: Unraveling Organisms' Metabolic Resilience with Ecometabolomics"

When November 16, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Where 217 Forest Resources Building

Brief summary of the topic: Advances in different -omics technologies have revolutionized biological research by enabling high-throughput monitoring of biological processes at the molecular level and their responses to environmental perturbation. Metabolomics is a fast-emerging technology in systems biology that aims to profile small compounds within a biological system that are often end products of complex biochemical cascades. Thus, metabolomics can enable discovery of the genetic basis of metabolic variation by linking the genotype to the phenotype. In this talk I plan to show how metabolomics and multi-omics can be integrated to understand the mechanisms by which environmental disturbances such drought, and increased temperatures impact organisms' metabolic activity (plants and microbes) across multiple ecosystems.

Dr. Tfaily obtained a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Florida State University. Currently, she is affiliated with the University of Arizona, where her laboratory focuses on exploring the genetic and metabolic characteristics of various organisms, such as humans, microbes, and plants, and their interactions with the environment. Dr Tfaily’s research aims to understand how these factors influence ecosystems and affect human health. Through interdisciplinary approaches in systems biology and metabolomics, complex biological systems at the molecular level are investigated. The study of metabolism and its products plays a crucial role in unraveling the narratives of individuals, organisms, and ecosystems, establishing connections between genes, the dynamic environment, and lifestyle.

Faculty Host: Estelle Couradeau

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