Rate Schedule

The SRCL personnel do not perform the actual measurements/procedures. The SRCL personnel will train, answer any questions and provide technical aid when required. Most of the work performed in the laboratory is on a fee basis (See rate schedules below). Due to potential scheduling conflicts, the practice of allowing users outside the College of Agricultural Sciences to perform large scale projects in the laboratory will be at the discretion of the laboratory Director and based on the needs of the College clients.

Rate Schedule for 2017

Analytical Instrument    Rate Fee

Simultaneous Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES)    $4.00/sample

ku/pF-Apparatus    $16.90/sample

SoilMoisture Pressure Plate Extractor System    $5.00/sample

Total Organic Carbon Analyzer    $4.00/sample

CHNS-O Elemental Analyzer    $3.00/sample

Lachat QuikChem® FIA    $1.65/sample

Shimadzu UV-VIS-NIR Scanning Spectrophotometer    $1.00/sample

Dionex™ Ion Chromatograph (IC)    $4.00/sample