Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Preserving our forest, fields, and waterways.

Gain the critical science, technology, and management competencies needed to understand and protect our vulnerable natural resources. Students and faculty work side-by-side in the classroom, the laboratory, and in the field, building their understanding and conducting critical research on plants, animals, soils, and waterways.


Forest Ecosystem Management Major
The Forest Ecosystem Management program combines an in-depth, hands-on science education with critical management skills necessary to launch a rewarding outdoor career. Students choose from four options that best meet their academic/professional goals: Forest Biology, Forest Management, Community and Urban Forest Management, and Watershed Management.
Soil Science Option - Environmental Resource Management Major
The Penn State ERM program is one of the nation’s premier science-based environmental programs. The Soil Science option focuses on disciplines like chemistry, biology, and management of soil with a constant eye on human impact and sustainability. Students harness emerging technologies to increase their knowledge and participate in critical research.
Wildlife and Fisheries Science Major
The Wildlife and Fisheries Science program prepares students for rewarding careers stewarding our living natural resources. Students roll up their sleeves and take a hands-on approach to acquiring critical science and management skills. Students choose from a Fisheries or Wildlife option matching their academic and career goals.


Environmental Soil Science Minor
The study of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil, as well as its management, use, and restoration
Forest Ecosystems Minor
Introducing students to forest ecology, including topics like climate change, invasive species, forest soils, and global forest conservation
Wildlife and Fisheries Science Minor
Providing basic competency in the principles and practices of wildlife and fisheries conservation, research, and management

Additional Programs

Community Forestry Certificate
Build advanced knowledge in the planning and management of trees, forests, and other natural resources including their role in community development. Learn about community forestry management plans, land use planning and regulatory policy, and working in connected human ecological systems.
Forest Technology 2-Year Degree
The Forest Technology associate degree helps prepare you for a career in forestry and natural resources management and includes hands-on learning in nearby forested areas.
Wildlife Technology 2-Year Degree
An associate degree in Wildlife Technology can prepare you to apply phases of natural resources management and the care, maintenance, and propagation of animals.