Field Dendrology

FOR 203. FIELD DENDROLOGY (2) FOR 203 syllabus (Please note that syllabi are subject to change and this may not be the most current syllabus.)

This course establishes the basic skills of woody plant and tree species identification necessary for students of forestry, horticulture, ecology, and natural history.  This course should be taken prior to most courses in forestry; students should be concurrently enrolled in careers in forest resources and anatomical properties of wood.  The objectives of the course are for students to 1) recognize many of the common woody plant species encountered in Pennsylvania (and the region) and the taxonomic traits used in their identification, 2) employ the diagnostic skills useful for woody plant identification, including the use of dichotomous keys, and 3) identify resources for identification and continued study of woody plants in Pennsylvania and the region.  This course introduces the use of dichotomous keys for tree identification and silvics, and is almost entirely field-based.  Evaluation methods include oral pop-quizzes and a written final exam.  This course is offered every fall.