FOR 204 DENDROLOGY (2) FOR 204 syllabus (Please note that syllabi are subject to change and this may not be the most current syllabus.)

This course provides the foundational knowledge of the life histories and characteristics of tree species necessary for any career dealing with the care, maintenance, or management of trees or forests.  As such, it should be taken prior to most courses in the Forest Science program.  The objectives of the course are to 1) learn the names and ecologically, economically, and botanically significant characteristics of approximately 150 North American tree species of major significance and 2) learn fundamental concepts and definitions of forest biology as illustrated and exemplified by these species.  For each family, genus, and species you will learn (a) scientific and standard common names; (b) descriptive traits of species; (c) approximate natural distributions of species and genera; (d) economic and ecological importance of species; and (e) silvical characteristics of species, especially shade tolerance, habitats, and reproductive traits.  Evaluation methods include weekly quizzes, midterms, and participation.  This course is offered every spring.