Urban Forest Management

FOR 401. URBAN FOREST MANAGEMENT (3) FOR 401 syllabus (Please note that syllabi are subject to change and this may not be the most current syllabus.)

This course provides an understanding of how to plan for and manage natural resources associated with human communities.  Students should have completed coursework in business, management, or economics and biology, forestry, or plant materials.  The objectives of this course are for students to be able to appraise resource benefits and costs, employ landscape design principles, recognize statutory ordinances, plan land use, preserve trees, conserve open space, work with municipal tree commissions and volunteers, and resolve conflicts.  Topics addressed include history of community forestry, arboriculture, urban forestry management approaches and practices, and watersheds and regional planning.  Evaluation methods include take-home exams, class presentations, participation and either a class project or a scientific paper or a lay article.  This course is offered every fall.