Forest Recreation

FOR 416. FOREST RECREATION (3) FOR 416 syllabus (Please note that syllabi are subject to change and this may not be the most current syllabus.)

The course addresses forest recreation from the perspective of a forest product, examining the supply and demand for recreation and recreation opportunities in the United States.  Although open to all majors, this course is particularly recommended for natural resource management majors.  The objectives of the course are to (1) describe the development of recreation in America, (2) describe how individuals combine resources to create the recreation experience, (3) identify key agencies that supply outdoor recreation opportunities, (4) identify laws and policies affecting public outdoor recreation, (5) analyze trends in the supply of and demand for outdoor recreation, and (6) describe the recreation policy process.  Aspects of recreation that will be addressed include history, a definition of the recreation experience, demand, behavioral factors, trends, supply, public and private recreation resources, inventory and projections, quality, management and policy, objectives and implementation of/by public agencies, planning, the concept of multiple use, wilderness, valuation, economic impacts, and rural/regional development.  Evaluation methods include participation, quizzes, homework, a term paper, and exams.  This course is offered every fall.