Principles of Forest Soils Management

FOR 475 PRINCIPLES OF FOREST SOILS MANAGEMENT (3) FOR 475 syllabus (Please note that syllabi are subject to change and this may not be the most current syllabus.)

This course explores the effects of forest management practices on the properties and productive capacity of forest soils.  It should be taking after completing basic coursework in ecology and soils.  The objective of this course is comprehension of soil classification, soil organic matter, soil chemistry, forest soils and vegetation, soils and roots, plant nutrition, mycorrhizae, Ca:Al ratios, Ca, Al, Mn, Mg, N, S, and P biogeochemistry, cycling, and budgets, soil biology, soil and fire, soil compaction, long-term soil productivity, forest sustainability, forest succession, soil acidification and sugar maple decline, and forest liming.  Evaluation methods include quizzes, lab reports, and class participation.  This course is offered every spring.