Timbersale Administration

FOR 497A TIMBERSALE ADMINISTRATION (2) FOR 497A syllabus (Please note that syllabi are subject to change and this may not be the most current syllabus.)

This course provides hands-on experience with all of the activities associated with overseeing a timber sale, including the legal aspects of arranging a sale, marking timber and calculating volume, road and sale layout, best management practices, inspections, harvesting equipment, working with contractors and loggers, and liability issues.  It should be taken after completing coursework in mensuration.  The objectives of the course are to 1)  obtain and translate a property deed onto the ground and create a professional map of the timbersale area; 2)  design a timbersale, including cutting boundaries, skid trails, haul roads, and landings such that site impact is minimized, harvesting efficiency and safety is maximized and productivity is maintained; 3)  collect sufficient information for a professional timbersale prospectus, including which harvesting systems would be best suited to the situation; 4)  complete an Erosion and Sedimentation plan, a stream crossing permit, and local harvesting ordinance requirements; 5)   develop a timbersale contract and a landowner-consultant contract to protect all parties and address all possible legal scenarios; 6)  work with, inspect, supervise and provide meaningful feedback to harvesting, road building and landscape contractors; 7)  retire a timbersale area to prevent erosion, create habitat variety and/or recreational opportunities, and maintain aesthetic qualities.  Evaluation methods include written exams, written and field projects, and participation.  This course is offered every fall and class size is restricted.