Community Forester

Community Foresters are people who manage the trees and green areas in towns and cities.

Trees provide a long list of benefits to communities but they must be managed so that they will survive, be safe, and not cause problems for people as well. Community foresters go to college for four years to study tree biology, pruning and care, and community forest management too. They are trained to work with trees and people. In a typical week, a community forester might:

  • Decide which trees to plant in a new housing development;
  • Select the trees that need to be removed and replaced along a city street;
  • Advise a citizens group in developing a plan for managing the trees in a town;
  • Train a group of youth and adult volunteers on how to care for newly planted trees;
  • Conduct an inventory of every tree in a community and then computerize the data

Community foresters may work for towns, cities, private consulting firms, tree care companies, or governmental agencies.