Becoming a forester takes a four-year college degree in forestry; some foresters study for graduate degrees as well. Forests are very complex—knowing how forests work and what it takes to manage them well requires lots of knowledge and experience.

Foresters manage forests; they “carry out forestry!” by:

  • making sure forest trees are healthy and growing well;
  • counting and measuring things in the forest, such as how many trees there are in a forest, their species, and how big they are;
  • controlling tree pests and diseases;
  • cutting trees to meet our needs, which is often done for improving the growth of a forest too;
  • determining how to harvest the trees so that a new forest will grow back;
  • making maps, designing forest roads, and spending a lot of time using computers and other high-tech gear;
  • tending to a variety of indoor and outdoor work.