Internships are a great way to gain on-the-job experience while earning academic credit.

Practical work experience that supplements a student's course work is a valuable asset when seeking employment after graduation. All Wildlife and Fisheries Science students should try to get related work experience through either summer jobs or internships. The importance of gaining experience in this field prior to graduation cannot be stressed enough. Academic credit can be awarded for internship work experiences, however it is not required.

Our Internship Handbook of guidelines for FOR/W F S/WP 495  is available in the Department's Undergraduate Programs Office, 113 Forest Resources Building. These guidelines must be followed before a student registers for internship credits. Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in order to register for internship credits. Internships credits (W F S 495) are used as Electives in the W F S major.

To register for an internship, first discuss your ideas with your academic adviser. Your adviser can give you the application form that you will need to make an internship happen.

Please visit the College's Internship Web site for possible opportunities.

Impressing an employer through an internship is a very successful strategy!