Potential Career Paths

Graduates start careers with such large corporations as Weyerhaeuser, Georgia Pacific, and International Paper, or with more specialized cabinet, furniture, wood composite, adhesive, or finish industries.

Our graduates prepare for careers such as design engineer, quality control engineer, materials science specialist, sales representative, production supervisor, account manager, market research analyst, manufacturing engineer, plant manager, corporate executive, international trade representative, and research and development chemist.

Wood chemists find new ways to use wood. Did you know that there are wood chemicals in our ice cream, toothpaste, and sometimes in soup? Wood chemists work at changing wood into useful compounds--like ones we can eat! Actually, wood chemistry is a very broad field.

A wood products professional is involved in the production, design, or sale of products made from wood. Have you ever stopped to think how many things people use wood to make? At last count there were over 8,000 uses for wood. Because it is renewable--we can grow more when we need it--and it takes much less energy than plastic, metal, or concrete to produce, wood is a material that cannot be beat

A Wood Products graduate in the Business and Marketing option, Kelly became the Production Manager for Lewis Lumber Products. Learn about her education, interests and career path.

Learn about Nathan's education, interests and career path. He graduated from Penn State with a degree in Wood Products - the Processing & Manufacturing option.