Researchers Learn Why Invasive Plants are Spreading Rapidly in Forests
December 10, 2009
Invasive plants are advancing into Eastern forests at an alarming rate, and the rapid spread has been linked by researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences to forest road maintenance and the type of dirt and stone used on roads. Perhaps predictably, according to David Mortensen, a professor of weed ecology who has been studying the spread of invasive plants for nearly two decades, humans are unwittingly accelerating the relentless march of invasives into even isolated forests.
Penn Staters compete in regional championships for big bass fishing
November 5, 2009
Wildlife and Fisheries student David Grube represents Penn State in fishing tournament.
Student Stories: Agroforestry class goes to South Africa
October 23, 2009
Amy Stauffer jumped at the chance to travel to South Africa last spring with her agroforestry class. Turns out it was the best thing she has ever done.
Renowned ichthyologist's research in Africa spans three decades
October 9, 2009
When Jay Stauffer began studying fish in Africa's huge Lake Malawi back in the early 1980s, it was really all about the finned creatures. He didn't recognize the immense social and economic implications of his research until later.
2009 turning out to be dry year for much of Pennsylvania
September 25, 2009
When it comes to the weather, perception often is not reality, according to a precipitation expert in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences, and never has that been truer than this year.
Alumni Survey for Class of 2006-2007 Underway
July 27, 2009
Wildlife student welcomes demanding project
July 17, 2009
Wildlife and Fisheries student Kelly Williams recounts her internship with U.S. Fish and Wildlife service.