Alumni Survey for Class of 2006-2007 Underway

Posted: July 27, 2009

If you are part of the School of Forest Resources "Class of 2006-2007", please help us improve our undergraduate programs by completing our survey.

Title of Project: School of Forest Resources Alumni Survey, Class of 2006-07

Principal Investigators:
Dr. Charles Strauss, 121 Forest Resources Building, University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-7093;

Ms. Ellen Manno, 416A Forest Resources Building, University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-5831;

1. Purpose of the Study: To gain information on the Class of 2006-07 employment status and the Class of 2006-07 evaluation of the School's undergraduate programs.

2. Procedures to be followed: This online survey consists of 15 questions. A hard copy was also mailed to all members of the Class of 2006-07 for whom an address was known. If you want a replacement copy of the pencil-and-paper survey, please request such from Ellen Manno whose contact information is listed above.

3. Duration: It will take about 10 minutes to complete the survey.

4. Statement of Confidentiality: Your responses and comments will be kept confidential; they will not be released in association with your name. The returns from the Class of 2006-07 will be compiled and presented to four audiences: our faculty, our undergraduate student body, our alumni, and prospective students. We will include a summary of this study in a forthcoming issue of RESOURCES, the School of Forest Resources newsletter for alumni and friends.

5. Right to Ask Questions: Questions or concerns about this survey may be directed to Ms. Ellen Manno, 416A Forest Resources Building, University Park, PA 16802; (814) 863-5831;

6. Voluntary Participation: Your decision to participate is voluntary. You can stop at any time. You do not have to answer any questions you do not want to answer.

You must be 18 years of age or older to take part in this survey (all bona fide SFR alumni are of eligible age). Completion and submission of the survey implies your consent to participate in this research. Please print a copy of this form for your records.