Recent Changes

One of the featured teams is Penn State's Tyler Wagner and Shannon White, researchers in the College of Agricultural Sciences who have been studying brook trout in the Keystone State's picturesque Loyalsock Creek Watershed. Shanerburg Run is a scenic and productive tributary of the "'Sock" in Sullivan County.

Leites, L; G. Rehfeldt, K. Steiner. 2019. Adaptation to climate in five eastern North America broadleaf deciduous species: Growth clines and evidence of the growth-cold tolerance trade-off. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics. 37:64-72.

We are modeling species- and population-level growth responses to changes in climate using provenance and common garden tests data to understand forest tree species adaptation to climate.

Penn State has launched a new graduate ecosystem management program online that brings together environmental science, management and leadership skills.

4-H Stream Teams is currently undergoing revisions and a brand new youth watershed education program will be coming soon to Penn State Extension. Please stay tuned for more updates!

March is a fickle month

Serving Allegheny, Greene, & Washington counties

Using Expanding Gaps and Low-Intensity/High-Frequency Thinnings to Create Vibrant, Resilient Forests

USDA-NRCS efforts to document Ecological Sites (Brown, 2010) have rapidly expanded, with the intent being to use each Ecological Site’s State and Transition model (Bestelmeyer et al., 2010) as a means to enhance conservation planning.