Winter Leaves that Hang On
December 17, 2012
Ever wondered why some deciduous trees hold on to their leaves through the winter and others go bare? Learn about marcescent leaves and why they might just help a tree out...
Your Woodlands: Making Good Forest Stewardship Investments
November 1, 2012
With the long growing cycle of Pennsylvania's forests, many landowners work to make improvements, the benefit of which they will never see. Yet, forest stewardship must involve consideration for those who will come after
Brown Leaves and Bags in Trees
August 21, 2012
Locust leafminer and fall webworm are active in Pennsylvania's forests. What do these insects' activities mean to the trees they impact?
Adapting or Mitigating: Climate Challenges in Forest Management
June 7, 2012
Pennsylvania's forests are under threat from myriad invasive insects, diseases, and competitive plants. With changing climate, what new threats will come? Good forest stewardship considers caring for resources for future generations as well as the present. How do we mitigate those threats for Pennsylvania's forestlands?
Women and Their Woods: Building a Network, Reaching an Audience
March 26, 2012
Women forest landowners differ from their male counterparts in how they approach their land ownership. Outreach programs are focusing on reaching out to these women forest landowners.
Spring Coming Early to Pennsylvania's Woods?
February 29, 2012
Just what will an early spring and mild winter mean for our woodland systems? How will a late frost impact forest wildlife?
Winter Silhouettes
January 23, 2012
An important component to winter tree identification is the shape or silhouette of the tree. The juxtaposition of the dark tree against winter snow or sky provides new "views" to learn your trees.