Interesting Research News and Tools for Landowners - November 2014

Posted: November 14, 2014

Throughout the month we receive notice of interesting and relevant research and items. These items come from partner organizations. We'll use this space to share these items with you.

Bobwhite Quail Close to Extinction in PA and NJ

The number of wild bobwhite quail has fallen off so precipitously that—except for small pockets—they're close to extinction in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and barely holding on in Delaware, wildlife ecologists say.

If you plant different trees in the forest, is it still the same forest?

As the Nature Conservancy works to help Minnesota’s North Woods adapt to climate change, other environmentalists worry ‘assisted migration’ may end up changing the forest’s very nature

Audubon: State bird may have to flee PA

Wildlife experts predict that Pennsylvania’s state bird, the Ruffed Grouse, may be forced to flee the commonwealth in the coming decades due to rising temperatures.

Report says benefits of bay cleanup four times greater than costs

Nature is not only beautiful. It is valuable. Trees clean the air. Wetlands filter water and limit flooding. Waters harbor fish that people catch for work and fun. The list goes on. For the first time, a study commissioned by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation gauged the dollars-and-cents value of these natural services in the bay region.


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