June 2014 Interesting Research News and Tools for Landowners

Posted: June 17, 2014

Throughout the month we receive notice of interesting and relevant research and items. These items come from partner organizations. We'll use this space to share these items with you.

A battery made from trees?

A team of engineers at the University of Maryland have developed a battery made from a sliver of wood coated with tin.

Pine bark substance could be potent melanoma drug

Pine bark has garnered a lot of interest lately as a potentially cheap water filtration component, and new research shows it may even prove to be a key component in a new treatment for melanoma. Penn State College of Medicine researchers screened 480 natural compounds and identified leelamine, derived from the bark of pine trees, as a drug that can simultaneously target several protein pathways – meaning it can shut down multiple protein pathways at the same time in melanoma cells. This is promising as the pathways affected by leelamine are involved in the development of up to 70 percent of melanomas, and shutting them down will help prevent the spread of these cancer cells.

Deadly New Deer Tick Virus Emerges in New York

Scientists believe they have discovered a new threat from the blacklegged ticks called the Lineage II Powassan virus.

Emerald ash borers were in U.S. long before first detection

The uber-destructive emerald ash borer arrived at least 10 years before it was first identified in North America, new research confirms. shows that EABs were feasting on ash trees in southeast Michigan by the early 1990s, well before this pest was discovered in 2002, arriving inside wood crating or pallets imported from Asia where the beetle is native.

Climate change, other factors may reshape central Appalachian forests

Studying the forest as a whole is key to understanding the impact of climate change.

Oil, Natural Gas Development Affects Forest Songbirds

Conventional oil and gas development in northern Pennsylvania altered bird communities, and the current massive build-out of shale-gas infrastructure may accelerate these changes, according to researchers in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences.

Infographic: Putting Forests to Work

New American Forest Foundation infographic shows the importance of private forests to carbon storage.


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