Pennsylvania Forestry Association News

Posted: July 7, 2014

An summer update from the Pennsylvania Forestry Association

By Robb Piper, PFA President

The PFA board of directors met at Hoss’s Steak & Seafood House in State College for the second quarter meeting of 2014. Linda Finley, Past PFA President (1995-1997; 2006-2009) has been chosen by the National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA) as a Mid-Atlantic States representative to the NWOA board of directors. Congratulations Linda! 

I also want to announce that the board has decided to launch a Fund Drive for our Past President and PFA friend – Lloyd Casey. We want to continue his legacy of forest landowner tax workshops, an important part of his career. Make your donation to PFA today to help us reach our $20,000 goal. Donations have already been made by the Society of American Foresters (SAF)-New Jersey Division and others. The Allegheny SAF and the National Woodland Owners Association are all promoting this effort for PFA.

The summer issue of Pennsylvania Forests magazine features the emerald ash borer. If you are not a member, please consider becoming one to get the magazine. This issue’s authors have done a great job explaining the importance of ash and the implications of its notorious insect pest. I want to bring to your attention the Poland article on Progress and Future Directions in Research that answers several questions many of us have been puzzling over (like: how do those purple traps actually work?). We don’t usually publish such technical material. And yes, it is a little steep. But in the spirit of PFA’s mission to “Connect You with the Experts,” each DCNR Service Forester has received a copy of the article and is prepared to answer your questions. We encourage you to call them for clarifications and to discuss ash and emerald ash borer. You can find their local contact info at:

Another exciting action by the board was to accept an offer from Henry Wessel to start a Tree Planting Fund. This will make annual funding available to State Forest Districts and qualified associates to plant trees and continue the hard work Norm Lacasse (PFA Secretary and Past President) and others have been doing for years. When we get it all lined up more details will follow.

Finally, we have decided to relocate the PFA office and to contract with Versant Strategies of Harrisburg to provide administrative support to the organization. This decision was part of our strategic plan to move PFA forward. You might recall that I had mentioned this in the previous Forest Leaves. The board decision was unanimous and is the culmination of about three years of work. The effective date of the move is August 1, 2014.

Our web site continues to improve. If you have not visited it lately, please explore it. In the near future we plan to add a login for the board and committee members to have a way to exchange information and improve our efficiency. There are a lot of good people doing a lot of good things for PFA. Grow the group – become a member.

For more information about the Pennsylvania Forestry Association or becoming a member, visit the website