Tools and Resources for Woodland Owners: The Center for Private Forests at Penn State

Posted: July 8, 2015

Learn more about the Center for Private Forests at Penn State and its efforts to create tools and resources to engage woodland owners.

The Center for Private Forests at Penn State was created in 2011 to ensure a continued focus on education, research, and outreach to private woodland owners around the state, region, and beyond well into the future. At the core of its mission is the effort to use applied research to better understand woodland owners motivations, activities, needs, and to help move them in the direction of better forest stewardship through the creation of materials, tools, resources, educational opportunities, and by engaging the natural resources professional community.

One example of this effort is a recently convened working group on Forest Legacy Planning under the aegis of the Center. The Center has explicitly decreed that legacy planning will be a focus of future research, education, and outreach (the time when woodland changes hands represents one of the most common activity periods for harvesting or other management strategies that can make or break the future of the forest). The Forest Legacy Working Group is a committee of forest landowners who have come together to help benchmark existing resources for legacy planning, to understand the needs and wants of the woodland owner population in the area of legacy planning, and to advise the Center in the creation of tools and resources to better assist woodland owners in taking action to create their woods legacy.

While the Forest Legacy Working Group represents one area in which we are focusing efforts, there are myriad other topics and resources woodland owners would like to learn more about. Help inform the Center’s future work.

We kindly ask you to visit our survey and let us know about topics you’d like to see covered in webinars, what resources you’d like to see created to help you as your care for and manage your woodlot, what articles you’d like to see in upcoming newsletters… What do you need as you toil to care for your woods? You can fill out the survey anonymously. Or, if you choose to leave your name and contact information, we can share with you already existing tools and resources or those newly created as they come on line.

We thank you for your efforts to care for and manage Penn’s Woods and the private forests of our region and nation. Please let us know how we can better assist you.

You can learn more about the Center by visiting the website or by contacting the office at 814-863-0401.