PA SFI Implementation Committee Back in Forest Leaves

Posted: April 14, 2016

Updates from the Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee - Spring 2016.

The Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee (PA SIC) is proud to once again return as a supporter of the Forest Leaves publication. It has been several years since we went on hiatus due to challenges faced during the difficult economic downturn. However, through it all, the PA SIC has always maintained its strong desire to help provide forest landowners with the tools and resources they need to sustainably manage their woodlands.

When the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program first rolled out in 1995, it committed our participants to not only broaden the practice of sustainable forestry on their own lands, but to also reach beyond and encouraged all forests landowners to apply principles of sustainable forest management. Today, that commitment remains a fundamental element of the SFI Standard and a guiding objective of the PA SIC. Our committee distributes information on forest stewardship, primarily through our website, and works to connect forest landowners with well-trained timber harvesting professionals when it comes time to harvest their timber.

We are proud to partner with other organizations like the Center for Private Forests at Penn State, the PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry, the Pennsylvania Forestry Association, and the Pennsylvania Tree Farm Committee that share our commitment to fostering an understanding of the need to steward forest resources today to sustain their economic, social, and ecological values for tomorrow.

For more information about the Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee, please visit the website or call 888-734-9366.

Contact Information

Chuck Coup
  • PA SIC Program Manager