Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee Updates

Posted: October 13, 2016

Updates from the Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee

Building on a 2009 survey of timber harvesters in Pennsylvania, a new survey will start this fall to provide both updated information about the state of the logging industry in Pennsylvania and how the industry has changed over the last seven years. Loggers are a crucial sector in the wood products supply chain. The continued strength of the hardwood industry in Pennsylvania requires vital and successful loggers. Understanding and documenting factors that affect logging businesses will help the industry develop strategies to minimize and offset negative effects of a changing economy and business climate.

Mike Jacobson at Penn State is conducting the survey. If you receive a survey by mail or by email please respond as it is in the industry’s best interest. The survey will only take a few minutes to complete. All responses will remain strictly anonymous. The information you provide is critical in determining the current state of Pennsylvania’s logging industry and to identify opportunities to improve the success of loggers.

For more information about the Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee, please visit the website or call 888-734-9366.

Contact Information

Chuck Coup
  • PA SIC Program Manager