The Pennsylvania Sustainable Forestry Initiative Implementation Committee Supports Well-Educated Timber Harvesters

Posted: July 14, 2016

Well educated and prepared timber harvesters are critical to the management of Pennsylvania’s forests.

If you are planning to harvest your woodlot, it’s a good idea to insist that your logger is a current PA SFI Professional Timber Harvester. SFI trained timber harvesters know OSHA safety requirements, safe and productive chainsaw operation and felling techniques, and have received comprehensive training in forest stewardship and best management practices (BMPs) to protect water quality. They keep current on the latest information and issues through continuing education. Major forest land managers such as the Pennsylvania DCNR Bureau of Forestry as well as certified SFI Program Participant and other forest products companies recognize the value and require their loggers to be SFI trained. Do you?

Visit the Pennsylvania SFI website.

Contact Information

Chuck Coup
  • PA SFI Implementation Committee Program Manager