Walks in Penn's Woods

Posted: July 14, 2017

A statewide effort to build appreciation for forests, the people who own them, and the importance of tending them, the Walk in Penn’s Woods is a day with organized woods walks in each Pennsylvania county. Anticipated to become an annual event on the first Sunday in October, this inaugural Walk in Penn’s Woods day happens October 1, 2017.

The tours and walks are lining up. As of the end of June, we have almost 40 walks scheduled across the state. There will be open houses and guided walks in rural, urban, and suburban woods, state and national forests and parks, municipal watersheds, conserved areas, private lands and industry forests showcasing the multiple values and diverse uses of Pennsylvania’s priceless forest resources. You can find information about each walk on the Walk in Penn’s Woods website.

These walks will highlight different aspects of Pennsylvania’s diverse woodlands: from old growth habitat at Heart’s Content Natural Area in the Allegheny National Forest, to efforts to salvage dying ash, to creating habitat for wildlife, to understanding the importance of forests to clean water on the Bethlehem Water Authority property. All tours will expose you to forestry, wildlife, or natural resources professionals and landowners who can help you understand the diverse ways we look to land to give us benefit.

Mark your calendar to attend an event in your area. If you don’t see one listed, consider if you or someone you know can host. Be a mentor and share your passion and interest in the woods.

We invite all Pennsylvanians to learn how Penn’s Woods works for all of us on October 1st by participating in a walk, by downloading additional information about the resource, or even by documenting and sharing your own learning adventure in our woodlands on the Walk in Penn’s Woods website.

We especially invite you to participate by volunteering at a venue, being a mentor, demonstrating a skill, showcasing your stewardship, or getting the word out! Help support this effort and promote the working woodlands of Penn’s Woods! Please call us at 814-865-3208 for additional information or visit the Walk in Penn’s Woods website.