2018 Tree Farmer of the Year and Outstanding Inspector of the Year Awards

Posted: October 17, 2018

The 2018 Pennsylvania Outstanding Tree Farmer and Inspector Awards were revealed at the 132nd Annual Pennsylvania Forestry Association Meeting on October 6.
Robb Piper (left) receives the 2018 Outstanding Inspector of the Year Award from John and Maureen Burnham (Photo by Caleb Wright)

Robb Piper (left) receives the 2018 Outstanding Inspector of the Year Award from John and Maureen Burnham (Photo by Caleb Wright)

2018 Pennsylvania Tree Farmers of the Year: Robert (Bob) and Jane Slagter

Bob and Jane Slagter, owners of 52 acres of forested land along Caldwell Creek in Southwest Township, Warren County, have been named the 2018 Pennsylvania Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year.

To quote Dave Trimpey, Area Chair #1, “Bob is the epitome of forest steward. He has spent countless hours over many years improving his own land and promoting forest stewardship to others.”

The Slagters’ efforts over 20 years to manage their land sustainably with consideration of Wood, Water, Wildlife, and Recreation are exemplary. As we all know, managing your woods is a multifaceted activity benefiting landowners and communities.

The numerous tours conducted on Pennsylvania Tree Farm #3533 have helped spread the word about woodland values and opportunities. These outreach activities always promote Tree Farming. And, Bob’s leadership and support of the Forest Stewardship Program, including chairing the PA Forest Stewards steering committee and writing news- letter articles, have been instrumental in promoting forest stewardship in Pennsylvania. Many of us got our first taste of
planned forest management through the Forest Stewardship Program.

The PA Tree Farmer of the Year Award was announced along with presentation of a slide show at the PFA Annual Meeting on October 6. The award will be presented to Bob and Jane at the PATF Committee Meeting at the Central PA Convention and Visitors Bureau in State College, PA on December 13. Congratulations to Bob and Jane for a well- deserved recognition from PATF!

2018 Pennsylvania Outstanding Inspector of the Year: Robert (Robb) W. Piper, Jr.

Pennsylvania Tree Farm Inspectors, through contact with Pennsylvania Area Chairs, inspect Tree Farms to insure the American Forest Foundation (AFF) Standards and the Indicators that go along with them are met. These inspections are great benefits of the program. Interactions with Certifying Foresters give Tree Farmers numerous opportunities to discuss their forests.

Robb Piper has been named this year’s Outstanding Inspector of the Year. His support of the Pennsylvania Tree Farm Program over many years has made an important difference in Penn’s Woods. PA Tree Farm participates in a full Certification Program. Full Certification necessitates periodic inspections of each Tree Farm every five years, resulting in more than 70 inspections, quite the challenge, per year in Pennsylvania. Robb has led the pack in meeting this challenge. His help working with partners and Tree Farmers, offering advice, and assisting in planning has been invaluable and appreciated. Congratulations, Robb, on your well-deserved recognition.