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Posted: October 17, 2018

Tariff Trade War Impact, Game of Logging

US-China Tariff Trade War: Bad News for PA Hardwood Industry

The Office of the United States Trade Representative has released a list of approximately $200 billion worth of Chinese imports that will be subject to additional tariffs. In accordance with the direction of President Trump, the additional tariffs became effective September 24, 2018, and initially are in the amount of 10%. Starting January 1, 2019, the level of the additional tariffs will increase to 25%.

In response to this US tariff policy, China has announced that they will proceed with retaliatory tariffs on many US products including logs and lumber being imported from the US. Tariff rates are 10% for most hardwood lumber and logs. China has threatened to raise the rate to 25% on January 1, 2019 if the Administration follows through with its planned phase two increase.

China buys almost $1 billion of US hardwood lumber products annually, and it is clear that these tariffs will deeply impact those in Pennsylvania who grow, harvest, and process hardwood into the wood products that we ship to China.
Now is the time to please let your elected US Representative and our two PA US Senators know how this tariff action will negatively impact you as a grower, harvester, or manufacturer of PA hardwood.

Discounted Registration for Game of Logging Course Continues for Certified Tree Farmers

Game of Logging is acknowledged as one of the premier chainsaw safety and felling trainings in the US. Instructors combine demonstration with participation to teach chainsaw safety, productivity, conservation, and cutting techniques that includes directional felling. Level 1 training topics include personal protective equipment, chainsaw safety features, chainsaw reactive forces, bore cutting, preplanning the fell, and understanding hinge wood strength.

Upcoming Game of Logging Level 1 classes:

  • October 25, Wellsboro
  • October 30, Lewisburg
  • November 13, James Creek

To participate in this offer, Certified PA Tree Farmers should visit the SFI website to register or call 1-888-734-9366. Participants will pay the full price of
$95 to register. Please note that the registration is nonrefundable. Once the course is completed, the Certified Tree Farmer should contact (1-800-835-8065) to arrange the scholarship of $35.

Please include your name, Tree Farm number, and date of Game of Logging course completed. The course must be completed to receive the refund. This refund offer is valid for only the SFI-offered Game of Logging Level 1 trainings. Check the SFI website for the schedule of courses beyond the listed dates.

For more information about the Pennsylvania Forestry Association or about becoming a member, visit the website or call 1-800-835-8065. 

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