Public Invited to Tree Farm Field Day

Posted: April 9, 2018

Arlyn and Marial Perkey, 2017 Pennsylvania Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year, invite you to their Greene County, Pennsylvania Tree Farm.

They are excited to share 27 years of releasing crop trees, controlling invasive species, influencing wildlife habitat, and improving the aesthetic appeal of their 77 acres of forest and grassland. Arlyn, a retired Forest Service Silviculturist, spent much of his career practicing, studying, and writing about crop tree management.

The Field Day will be held Saturday, May 12, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Perkey Tree Farm in Rutan, Greene County, PA. The field day is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Forestry Association Tree Farm Program.

The Perkeys have engaged 11 presenters to explain numerous forestry and wildlife habitat treatments, share minerals management experiences, discuss forest regeneration practices, and relate road construction and maintenance history. Forestry and natural resources professionals will be stationed along pre-planned walkways to discuss various relevant management activities and observations. Visitors will tour the property, spending as much or as little time as they wish at the educational stations they choose to visit. Volunteer ambassadors will help visitors locate and join presentations as they are in progress. Dress appropriately for the weather and your walking ability.

This field day is intended for landowners and others interested in forests and wildlife. It will provide attendees with a better understanding of how forests are managed for many objectives, including timber, wildlife, water, recreation, energy (natural gas), and the conservation of unique areas. The field day will provide information to participants on how they can begin to manage their own properties to meet various objectives, emphasizing walking and talking vs. sitting and listening.

Those interested in attending must pre-register by Monday, May 7. There is a $20 per person registration fee which includes lunch, refreshments, and educational materials. To register, contact the Pennsylvania Forestry Association at 1-800-835-8065 or . For questions, contact the Penn State Extension office in Centre County at 814-355-4897 or .