Raising Awareness of Pennsylvania’s Woods

Posted: July 10, 2018

Help us make Walk in Penn's Woods a success!
Join fellow Pennsylvanians across the state in a woods walk near you on Sunday, October 7! (Photo by Laura Kirt, Laura Kirt Studios)

Join fellow Pennsylvanians across the state in a woods walk near you on Sunday, October 7! (Photo by Laura Kirt, Laura Kirt Studios)

All of Pennsylvania’s woods bring values that we sometimes take for granted. The trees and ground cover provide nutrients for the soil, food and homes for wildlife, clean air and water, wood products that we use in our daily lives, and peace and tranquility for us to enjoy. The woods “work” for us. We want to raise awareness about the importance of forests and the effort that goes into caring for them.

On Sunday, October 7, 2018, join countless Pennsylvanians across the state as they get out in the woods, as part of the annual Walk in Penn’s Woods. Rural, urban and suburban woods, state and national forests and parks, municipal watersheds, conserved areas, private lands and industry in the state’s 67 counties will hold open houses and guided woods walks showcasing the multiple values and diverse uses of our state’s priceless forest resources.

These Walks will feature guided walks across the state, providing entry to land that is not always open to the public, along with easy access to expert forest and wildlife professionals. A Walk in Penn’s Woods event may showcase management for wildlife or watersheds, exhibit the results of harvesting or planting, demonstrate the impacts of urban tree cover, showcase riparian buffers, offer children’s activities, or reveal the fascinating mechanisms of a local sawmill. You’ll be able to find information about each walk at our website, as well as offer to host a walk. We are constantly updating the site as new walks are offered.

Walk in Penn’s Woods is fortunate to have many statewide partners, including all the venues and the resource professionals who have volunteered their time and land. But we need your help to make everyone’s introduction to Penn’s Woods a huge success! For the month of July, we are crowdfunding efforts to get the word out. With your contribution, we’ll be able to advertise all the events, make all the great connections between land, mentors and visitors, and provide terrific take-home material to digest after the introductions. Please visit our crowdfunding site and help us make this happen!

Please help us get the word out. Make a contribution. Share our posts with your contact list. And save the date: Walk in Penn’s Woods is October 7, 2018. Walk in Penn’s Woods with us!


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