PHFA-PFA Merger Results in New “Forest Heritage” Focus Area

Posted: April 15, 2019

The Pennsylvania Forest Heritage Association (PFHA) recently merged into the Pennsylvania Forestry Association (PFA). PFA will now take on a new forest heritage focus area under the direction of its newly-formed Forest Heritage Committee.

On March 6, PFA Officers and Forest Heritage Committee members met with PA DCNR Secretary Cindy Dunn, PA State Forester Ellen Shultzabarger, and other DCNR staff to discuss the work of PFA’s new Forest Heritage Committee. PFA outlined the idea of including a “Crucible of Conservation” Discovery Center in the future Michaux State Forest Office Building. Under this concept, the DCNR would dedicate space in the new office building for a “Crucible of Conservation” Discovery Center that would be developed and staffed by PFA and other project partners. Secretary Dunn and the DCNR staff expressed support for the concept and there was a consensus around the table to move forward with a feasibility study for this future project.

On April 8, PFA’s Forest Heritage Committee members and others with an interest in Pennsylvania’s Forest Heritage participated in a strategic planning session to develop the Committee’s vision, mission, and goals for the immediate future and to discuss the future “Crucible of Conservation” Discovery Center.

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Richard Lewis
  • PFA President