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Feb 27, 2021

Burning Wood? Caring for the Earth?

Many years ago, back in the mid-1970s during the “oil embargo,” heating with wood became the rage. Although I did not track it, new stove manufacturers sprung up seemingly overnight, chainsaw sales and accidents (I expect) were epic, and cords of wood left the stump as fodder for stoves and fireplaces. [more]

Advanced Level II Natural Area Management Webinar Series Slated for Green Industry

An eight-part, four-week webinar series offered by Penn State Extension will give green industry professionals the knowledge they need to provide natural area management services to small acreage clients. [more]

An Introduction to the American Chestunut

An online, interactive course on the American chestnut (Castanea dentata) (use Edge or Chrome) is now available from the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station. The course is available for free to anyone through a simple registration process. [more]

Continuing Series: Imagine the Opportunity of a Smaller Carbon Footprint: Article 5: Foresters, Loggers, and Trees

The forest products industry begins in the forest with foresters and loggers. Foresters help forest landowners implement practices that lead to healthy, well-managed, sustainable forests. It is the Loggers job to harvest the trees the foresters indicated should be cut. Loggers are an essential link in helping to enhance the health of our forests, improve wildlife habitat, and provide the industry with raw material. [more]


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