Enhancing AgMap through Promotion, Marketing, and Integration with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. AgMap is free to users thanks to the generous support from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

AgMap, Pennsylvania’s Online Agricultural Directory, is a project that allows agricultural producers to add their business operation online with detailed GIS location and attribute information about their business. Consumers can then search this database to find the product they need. Current funding is helping to promote AgMap but we have no funding for any further development of the base technology.


Pennsylvania is a national leader in agricultural production. Pennsylvania agriculture provides products such as apples, grain, and livestock to countries around the world, yet many Pennsylvanians don't even realize what is available within a few miles of their homes. Local farmers may not be aware that the supplies that they are looking for are available in the next county. Area businesses that use agricultural products might not know that what they need is available locally.

Use AgMap Today

AgMap links businesses and consumers. It allows the consumer, to connect to businesses they might not even realize exist.

Completely free of charge, businesses can also register with AgMap. Once a business is registered, consumers can learn more about it including access to maps and site specific driving directions to the location.