Geospatial Education for 4-H

The LAL is developing a series of geospatial education modules (GIS project books) for 4-H participants.

4-H GIS Project Background

The modules will cover the fundamental concepts of GIS including map making principles, GIS data types basics, GIS application in every day life and the basic GIS program interface. This module will use the free GIS software called ArcExplorer as the primary program for its exercises and activities. Another module will cover the basics of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) utilizing low-end affordable GPS units.

4-H GIS Project Details

Many of the 4h Manuals Utilize ESRI's free ArcExplorer, Java Edition. This free program, allows universal access to viewing GIS data. All you need is a computer!

The Manuals are broken up into 4 volumes. Volumes 1-3 are in the early stages of review. Volume 4, the advanced exercises, is still being developed.

4-H for GIS Leaders Guide

A guide to be used by 4-H leaders of the home school instructor. Guide includes answers to project exercises and activities in addition to example student solutions.

4-H Project Book One

In volume one, students will explore brief mapping history and learn some fundamental mapping concepts. This volume included hand-drawn mapping exercises.

4-H Project Book Two

In this volume, students will become familiar with the GIS / ArcExplorer Interface. They will also explore data types and the role of different types of data within a GIS system. This volume includes actual GIS exercises.

4-H Project Book Three

This volume focuses on more advanced GIS / ArcExplorer techniques including some beginning analysis.

4-H Project Book Four

(in progress). When complete, this volume will include a series of advanced, analysis exercises for the students to work on. These exercises will build upon concepts and principles taught in early volumes of the manual.